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Islāmī Ta'līmāt – Rahmat hī Rahmat (20/11/15)

اسلامی تعلیمات ۔ رحمت ہی رحمت


Worried about your Sustenance?

By Shaykh Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh


Recently, I was approached by a concerned brother who had been facing some difficult times with regards his provision and sustenance. This is something that many of us face at some time in our lives. Naturally, when we are in this situation, we begin to panic and look for ways out. Some bear the situation remaining within the laws of Sharī‘ah and with patience make it through, whilst others fail in this test from Allāh ta‘ālā and take to prohibited means to try to solve their problems.

So, when the brother asked the question, I pondered for a while and the following advices, all based on the Qur’ān and hadīth, came to mind:

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A Brief Guide to Tazkiyah

by Shaykh Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh

The condition of the heart is in reality the factor which controls a person's conduct. A person who has reformed his heart will never act contrary to the Commands of Allāh ta'ālā at any given moment. In every breath of his life he will be mindful of Allāh's Pleasure.

In contrast, a person who has not purified his heart from evil traits will find himself slipping at every step on the path reaching the Pleasure of Allāh ta'ālā. So much so that many times his apparent good actions, though they may seem righteous to him and others, will not bear any fruit in the hereafter; rather they will have an adverse effect and lead to the displeasure of Allāh ta'ālā.

Take the example of a person performing salāh; his apparent action is good and of piety, but if his heart is not purified from riyā (ostentation), then this very salāh will cause the displeasure of Allāh ta'ālā. The hadīth of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu 'alayhi wasallam directs us towards this very fact:

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Wa'z Bil-Kitāb: Da'wat me(n) Hikmat (03/04/15)

وعظ بالکتاب: دعوت میں حکمت


Words of Wisdom

Dīn is not about doing things to please yourself; Dīn is about pleasing Allāh ta‘ālā.

Shaykh Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh

Lectures by Shaykh Mawlana Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah

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